SG Healthcare Heroes
Hi! We are SG Healthcare Heroes - a registered Company Limited by Guarantee (NGO) in Singapore.
We partner with brands/companies to offer long-term exclusive promotions for all healthcare workers as part of our efforts to build ground-up support and empathy towards our Healthcare Heroes.
If you’d like to come onboard as a partner brand and/or volunteer, please drop us an email at sghealthcareheroes@gmail.com!
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It has been more than two years since the pandemic started, and lives for the huge majority of Singaporeans are already starting to bear resemblance to what it was like before–our work schedules are stabilising, we are allowed to meet our friends at the bar and even travel overseas.
With these restrictions slowly easing up, we tend to forget that the pandemic still very much exists, and that our healthcare workers are bearing the brunt of this pandemic. Life for them is still far from normalcy.
Our healthcare workers are largely overworked, many of them on the brink of burnout or have quit. As their colleagues inevitably catch COVID and management struggles with hiring new healthcare workers in time, the remaining ones are left strained with the additional workload and pressure.
As civilians, we have absolutely no power over their work schedules and wages, but the least we could do is raise awareness of their situation and support them in a way they can benefit from, for all the effort and work they’ve put in especially during this pandemic.
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